I’ve always loved people, connection and the concept of tribe, so it’s no surprise that I love doing business this way… tuned in to heart and soul and playing with amazing people who aren’t willing to settle for anything less than their heart’s greatest desires. 

Not only have I lived a fascinating health journey that taught me to trust my intuition, nature and my emotions, I’ve also enjoyed a varied and successful career which includes management roles in not for profit and government programs, a CEO position where I led an industry and represented them at parliamentary level, Directorship of my own company and business, and a range of projects on the side – some for fun and some for profit. I’m also very conscious and intentional about my roles as mother, wife, friend, coach and colleague, and I’ve done much work around creating my life to look exactly how I choose it.

If you’re interested in my education, I have formal qualifications in Education, Health, Coaching and Business, but my informal education has been just as valuable. I’ve been a coaching client many times and attended many short courses on many subjects. I’ve invested over $100K in my own personal growth and development, and I’ll continue to invest at higher levels, because it’s what informs and empowers me to create what I want for my life. I’m now mum to a 5 and 7 year old and happily married to a man I’ve been with for over 20 years. We live a great life with plenty of holidays, outings and fun, and we continue to create more time and financial freedom for ourselves through business, investments and choice!


© 2020 by Debbie Kemp