All of that supports you to find a level of clarity, direction and freedom that you didn't realise were possible. My sessions support the unravelling of your highest self and enable you to become more self-connected, self-loving, and more freely expressed. Most significantly, all of that facilitates a newfound awareness of your ability to create anything you desire.


Then I ask your soul some questions that I'm intuitively guided to ask. I hold space for you in a way that ensures that the answers come from your soul and not from your thinking mind, and I intuitively follow a process of inquiry that supports you to release what is not serving you and to find clarity around what will.

My sessions are focussed on supporting you to connect to what it is that you truly desire for your life. Depending on where you seek clarity, direction or freedom, we may focus on relationships, health and wellness, business creation, career pathways, money mindset, limiting beliefs, emotional healing, and more.

Every session is unique, and I don't yet know what magic will unfold in yours. What I do know, is that there will be some breathwork and visualisation, that I'll ask some powerful questions that I'm intuitively guided to ask, and that you will be amazed and inspired by what is revealed.

What I do, is follow a process that I have been intuitively guided to discover. I use breathwork and visualisation to help you relax, to still your busy mind and to connect you with your soul.


Are you ready to feel better? To be more connected?

To have more fun? To be more energised?

To feel abundant and free?


My favourite way to work with someone is in 5 fortnightly sessions, so that we can either work through a range of areas of your life or dive deep into one that you really want to transform. I do offer single sessions for people seeking clarity or direction in a specific area.

Sessions are 90 minutes long (please allow 2 hours) and can be in person in southern Sydney or via zoom.

I can be contacted via facebook, messenger or email:

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